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May 12th, Moving Day

Dear Diary,
Today was one of the strangest days of my life. Yesterday we had packed all of our worldly possessions into the moving truck. Mom and I set out this morning and said goodbye to Seattle. The only hitch was that it started to rain. In fact it rained the whole trip , all the way to Deluge.
That's when things really got weird. Suddenly the rain turned to frogs....Everywhere! Big frogs, little frogs, frogs on the truck, and frogs on the road. I couldn't believe it! None of the people in town seemed all that concerned though. A maintenance truck came down the road and men with shovels just cleared the streets. Slowly we made our way to the new house.
It took hours to unload the truck with just Mom and me. When did we get so much stuff? This evening our new neighbor came by and invited us to dinner. I think Mom was relieved, but I really wanted to get a pizza.
Mrs Winston (or Mrs "W" as she told me to call her) was nice enough, and there was no "old lady" smell in her house. She had more knick knacks than anyone I'd ever met though. She had some black and white cow figurines on her bookcase. It was the oddest thing, but I couldn't shake the feeling that they were watching me.

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